Yellow Daffodils Scream Spring

After the gray, windy and cold days of winter, there is nothing more welcoming than a bunch of yellow daffodils to cheer one up.  What is the best way to pick them, when to pick them, how to arrange them …questions either asked or wondered.   Hopefully, the information presented below will help you to enjoy […]

Wealth of Daffodil Info

Daffodils!  Those bright little yellow blossoms that greet us after a long gray Nantucket winter.  Did you know they come in a multitude of colors and color combinations, from white, pink, orange and even a green daffodil?   Spring is the time to find those specialty bulbs to order for a fall delivery and planting. Daffodils […]

Planting & Caring for Daffodils

Nantucket loves daffodils!  The deer do not eat them, the rabbits ignore them and they return every spring in greater numbers. The perfect island flower. Daffodils come from bulbs and the bulbs are planted in the fall when the soil temperatures cool off into the 50’s.   November is ideal planting time here on Nantucket.  Or […]