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Heidi Drew

Daffodils!  Those bright little yellow blossoms that greet us after a long gray Nantucket winter.  Did you know they come in a multitude of colors and color combinations, from white, pink, orange and even a green daffodil?   Spring is the time to find those specialty bulbs to order for a fall delivery and planting.

Daffodils blooming in late February or early March?  These are the varieties that emerge early and are able to handle the cold weather and even a snow storm.  If you would like to create a garden that blooms from early March to mid May you need to purchase a selection of bulbs that bloom early, mid and late season.   The earliest daffodil to bloom is Rijinveld Early Sensation (yellow), which is available at most bulb companies. Some other early season choices are Jet Fire, February Gold, Little Gem, Barrett Browning, Jack Snipe and Tete-a-Tete.  Most bulb varieties that are offered for sale  bloom in the mid season from mid to late April. The selection is the biggest to choose from.  My favorites include: Mesa Verde (a green daffodil), Sinopel (White with green cup)

To extend the blooming season mix a few of these varieties into your garden: Cheerfulness, Pheasant’s Eye, Bridal Crown, Thalia, Sun Disc, Stainless and Primeur.  If you just want to plant just a few, consider one of these very long lasting bloomers: Mount Hood (all white), Golden Echo (White with yellow cup), Quail (Yellow) Rapture (Yellow), Jet Fire (Yellow with orange cup) or Rijinveld Early Sensation (Yellow).

Thinking of entering the Nantucket Garden Club’s Annual Daffodil Show?   These are some bench winners:

Daffodils are the ideal island flower.   Plant a bulb, and with minimal care  it will  flower, divide into additional bulbs and even more flowers!   Best of all, the rabbits and deer will not eat them.  

For a wealth of information on Daffodils visit   www.Daffnet.org   or Daffodilusa.org

Sources for the unusual and specialty bulbs:

Brent and Becky’s Bulbs   https://www.brentandbeckysbulbs.com/

John Scheepers, Inc           www.johnscheepers.com

Oakwood Daffodils           (269) 684-3327  call for catalog

PHS Daffodils                       www.phsdaffodils.com 

Esker Farm Daffodils (Northern Ireland)  https://www.eskerfarmdaffodils.com/

Old House Gardens  sells historic daffodil bulbs  www.oldhousegardens.com